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Green Mountain Snowshoe Frame

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These Green Mountain (or modified) bear paws are almost oval in shape, rounded at both ends with a slight lift to the toe. While our Ojibwe Snowshoes, are ideal for winter trekking and traveling long distances, these snowshoes are preferred for putzing around camp or everyday use at the cabin. Their rounded tips allow for better turning and maneuverability, making them one of our most versatile snowshoes. These are the ideal companion for outdoor work projects, whether you are surveying a toboggan slope, orchard pruning, watching your trap line, or navigating dense brush. In addition, the soft edges on these snowshoes make them popular as expedition spares, carried on the back of a pack or tied to a sled.

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Our frames are made from hand selected ash, which is then cut, sewn, steam bent and dried in our wood shop. We use only the best materials when crafting our frames, and we strive to provide you with a quality product at an affordable price.