Welcome to Country Ways!
Online since 1994

Dyke Williams and Greg Wilcox have been working for the past thirty-seven years now to bring you the very best in kits and finished outdoor equipment. 

Our goal is to provide: 
Gear that truly works well
Great value for a modest investment, and 
Expert service and counsel. 

The concept actually began in 1972 as a store and mail-order business called Country Ways Kits, cofounded by Dyke to provide outdoor equipment kits to his consulting clients. After all, the basic premise of experiential education is to "do it first and talk about it later." Kitmaking so often provides firsthand learning of that crucial connection between "effort in" and "result out." So, the first kits went to school, college, scout camp and environmental education programs. 

For us, the point was then, as it is now, to build gear with the very best in design, materials, construction and ultimate function. 

Today, "Country Ways" by Wilcox & Williams, Inc. carries on the Country Ways name and tradition by selling throughout all of the United States, Canada and several other countries. You will also find our kits and finished items in selected stores and other national catalogs as well.

The Country Ways Guarantee:

We're good and we're honest. If something isn't right, we'll make it right. Just let us know.