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Repair, Relace, Read

Outdoor programs, schools and many individuals bend their own frames and buy our tubular nylon lacing for weaving. Or, reweave old chair parts using traditional snowshoe patterns. Or, lace your new or relace old rawhide or neoprene snowshoes with our directions (or your old pattern) and our 'Lacing Packs.' Loosely match your frames to our styles and sizes. Guaranteed to be enough lacing. We also sell two of the very best books and DVD on making and using snowshoes.    

Snowshoe Bindings

We choose to sell a number of different bindings, each with some advantages and disadvantages.  There is no one 'correct' binding for every person or situation.  Your decision should be based on how you intend to use your snowshoes and personal preference.  All the bindings we sell will fit any style of our shoes or most if not all traditional snowshoes.

Snowshoe Kits

All Country Ways snowshoe kits are made from snowshoe wood - straight grain white ash. Snowshoes you make from our kits will truly be every bit as great as any you might buy. People tend to make snowshoes from kits not so much to save money (which you do, but it's a fringe benefit) as to have the satisfaction of making something fine. Snowshoe kits include ash frames ready to lace, our TechDeck nylon lace and complete directions with color lacing diagrams. Click on Snowshoe Sizing to help determine the correct fit for you

Traditional Snowshoes

Pre-season sale! 10% off all orders before September 30th on any finished pair of snowshoes.  Snowshoes will ship in October, and you will be ready for the upcoming season. Steam bent white ash, laced by one of the experienced craftspeople we like to refer to them as "elves".  Then dipped every 24 hours in our varnish tank 3-4 times and then given time to dry.  Not a fast process, but one that produces a truly great pair of snowshoes.  Folks buy them as cabin wall hangers because they are unique works of art.  Others buy the same snowshoes to be used by search and rescue teams because of the quality, flotation and durability.  Click here to look at our sizing chart to help you determine what will work best for your height and weight.

Urban Snowshoe Kits

For years our customers have asked if we would produce an aluminum snowshoe kit designed for the "urban" trails that abound in our city and county park systems. And while we continue to produce our internationally known wood frame, back country, "expedition" snowshoes and kits, we are very pleased to offer three sizes of aluminum frame snowshoe kits as well. The U-30 is our largest, the U-25 for lighter adults and the U-22 is our children's model and a great way to introduce kids to snowshoeing. 

Urban Snowshoes

For years our customers asked if we would produce an aluminum snowshoe designed for the "urban" trails that abound in our city and county park systems. We are very pleased to offer three sizes of aluminum frame snowshoes in kits or as ready to go finished.