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MibSAR KIT: Team MibSAR would like to thank one of its long-time corporate partners — Country Ways of Minneapolis, Minnesota — for its continued support of our efforts to reunite the missing with their loved ones! Thanks for the assistance in acquiring two more pair of your high-float 12”-by-60” Alaskan snowshoes! Your Alaskan and Cree shoes have become indispensable on our remote, long-range, dead-of-winter SAR operations in the Great Lakes region as well as up along the Arctic Ocean. Thank You! Check out Country Ways' handmade-in-the-USA product line at or follow them on Facebook at

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We are grateful and always interested in how our customers view our gear. This page will highlight photos and letters we receive from folks building and using our products.


Country Ways team:

I thought I’d share some photos of my finished Huron snowshoe kit.  I’m sure you see hundreds of these photos, so they may not be anything new for you.  But, for the first time tackling a snowshoe project, I believe they came out functional and rather nice.  And if they don’t work out,.. well, they will look nice on the wall.  After I give them a month or so of curing time, I’ll get to try them out in Rocky Mountain National Park in January.

Best Regards,


PS – I made the little silhouette black appliques using a digital cutting machine and black vinyl adhesive-backed material.

 Finished lacing YEA!