Snowshoe Kits

All Country Ways snowshoe kits are made from snowshoe wood - straight grain white ash. Snowshoes you make from our kits will truly be every bit as great as any you might buy. People tend to make snowshoes from kits not so much to save money (which you do, but it's a fringe benefit) as to have the satisfaction of making something fine. Snowshoe kits include ash frames ready to lace, our TechDeck nylon lace and complete directions with color lacing diagrams. Click on Snowshoe Sizing to help determine the correct fit for you


Ojibwa Snowshoe Kit


  • Youth 9 x 36
  • Small 10 x 48
  • Medium 11 x 54
  • Large 12 x 60
Of all the many shapes we could make, we feature and recommend the Ojibwa, with its pointed tail, highly efficient pointed toe, and 'nesting' shape. This beautiful design comes down to...
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Alaskan Snowshoe Kits


  • AK Large 10 x 56
  • AK XL 12 x 60
Much like a large Ojibwa in general shape and function, the Alaskan's upturned toe, large surface area and sleek profile excel at covering open trail distances through any depth of...
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Huron Snowshoe Kit
This style is probably the most common of  snowshoes.  Known also a Michigan or Maine it can come in a variety of lengths and widths.  A good all around style...
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Snowshoe Tote Bag
Will hold at least 2 pairs of large Ojibwa or Alaskans, more in the smaller sizes. Helps when packing or carrying multiple pairs or putting snowshoes on the roof rack....
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Mini Huron Kit Sold out
Mini Snowshoe Kits Our Mini Huron snowshoe kit lets you try out the same lacing patterns and materials as full-size. Excellent lacing practice for first-timers. They make a handsome decoration and...
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