Traditional Snowshoes

Steam bent white ash, laced by one of our experienced craftspeople we like to refer to them as "elves".  Then dipped every 24 hours in our varnish tank 3-4 times and then given time to dry.  Not a fast process, but one that produces a truly great pair of snowshoes.  Folks buy them as cabin wall hangers because they are unique works of art.  Others buy the same snowshoes to be used by search and rescue teams because of the quality, flotation and durability.  Click here to look at our sizing chart to help you determine what will work best for your height and weight.


Ojibwa Snowshoes


  • Youth 9 x 36
  • Small 10 x 48
  • Medium 11 x 54
  • Large 12 x 60
Of all the many shapes we could make, we feature and recommend the Ojibwa, with its pointed tail, highly efficient pointed toe and ''nesting'' shape. This beautiful design comes down...
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Alaskan Snowshoes Sold out


  • Large 10 x 56
  • XL 12 x 60
Much like a large Ojibwa in general shape and function, the Alaskan's upturned toe, large surface area and sleek profile excel at covering open trail distances through any depth of...
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Huron 12 x 42 Sold out


  • Huron 12 x 42
Similar in general shape and function to the Alaskan the Huron's upturned toe, large surface area excel at covering open trail distances through any depth of snow. Excellent snowshoe for...
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Snowshoe Tote Bag
Will hold at least 2 pairs of large Ojibwa or Alaskans, more in the smaller sizes. Helps when packing or carrying multiple pairs or putting snowshoes on the roof rack....
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