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Comes with choice of binding
You will be able to choose between the binding styles below once you have placed your snowshoes in the shopping cart.
Country Ways Modified H Style

Our neoprene bindings are strong, always flexible (even when wet or cold), won't stretch, decay or be eaten by rodents. The unique, common sense mounting angle (works for any traditional snowshoe) gives extraordinary lateral control so your boot always aims the snowshoe.  This would be the binding we would recommend for your own personnel snowshoes.  The one disadvantage of this style is that it does not quickly adjust to other boot sizes.  If you want a binding that will adjust easily and quickly to many different boots try the Super 'A' or the Flexy.  You will, however, give up some control. Sold in pairs.

Country Ways Modified H fits up to men's boot size 13.


 Super A Style

 A very popular and easy to use harness for traditional snowshoes!
 Flexible, white nitrile - coated polyester harness to encompass your boot. 36' neoprene   heel strap with nickel plated buckles for tight, non-slip heel fit. Rugged 5/8' nylon web   strapping secured with T-buckle to secure the harness over the top of your boot.  Freeze   free performance.   Easy on and off  and excellent snowshoe tracking for frustration-free   use.  Easy to follow mounting instructions are included.  We think you will like the   performance this harness will give you!                

   The Super 'A' harness fits up to size 13