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Urban Snowshoes

Introducing Country Ways

“Urban” Snowshoe Kits


For years our customers have asked if we would produce an aluminum snowshoe kit designed for the "urban" trails that abound in our city and county park systems. And while we continue to produce our internationally known wood frame, back country, "expedition" snowshoes and kits, we are very pleased this year to offer three sizes of aluminum frame snowshoe kits as well.

Our new "Urban Snowshoe" kits have had three years of R&D and field testing. Their frames are aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. The traditional lacing patterns in our super-strong, super-light material are simple and quickly finished. A well-proven, quick-adjust binding is included. Three coats of a varnish and they're ready to go, at a fraction of the price. And - they are lighter than most any synthetic-decked snowshoe!

Country Ways "Urban Snowshoe" kits come in three sizes, depending on user body weight: 

            U - 22 Urban Snowshoe Kit: 22"x 8" (children and light adults)  

U - 25 Urban Snowshoe Kit: 25"x 8" (women's)                                                       

                U - 30 Urban Snowshoe Kit 30"x 9" (men's)

All our Urban Snowshoe kits come with:

Our unique "TechDeck" Lacing material, the same as in our expedition snowshoes

Complete lacing patterns and finishing instructions.  

Ratchet-style buckle bindings for quick and easy adjustment          

Urban Snowshoe Kit: 25
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U-25 - Urban Snowshoe Kit: 25"x 8" (women's)
U-25 Urban Snowshoe Kit: 25"x 8" (women's) $99.95 Add To Favorites