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Mini Snowshoes

Alaskan Mini Snowshoes
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AK MINI - Alaskan Mini Snowshoes

Our new Alaskan Mini Snowshoes are the best we've seen.  They measure 18" x 4.5" and are made in the same way as traditional  snowshoes - by people who make full size snowshoes as well.  The steam bent ash frames use a narrow width of our TechDeck nylon for the center section and a fine twine for the tail and toe sections.  Did we mention that the tails and toes have holes in the sides of the frames for the lacing, just like the traditional full size ones they represent. (see photo)  When completed the frames are coated with a varnish to give the shoes the amber color.  While we are admittedly bias, we believe these snowshoes to be works of art and craftsmanship - each one unique and hand made!  These mini Alaskan Snowshoes are all made in th US.

Check out our new line of snowshoes lamps using these great frames.

Alaskan Mini Snowshoes
AK mini Alaskan Mini Snowshoes (Out of Stock) $65.00 $65.00 Add To Favorites

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