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Rustic Lighting
Over 35 years of making snowshoes and furniture has taught us a great deal about making a quality product. We brought that same commitment to quality when we started making table and wall lamps in 1995. Here is some of what we have learned:
We use only UL certified parts in our lamps, however, the finished lamp does not carry the UL listing, this is due to the high cost associated with this process.  Many of the specialty custom lighting you will see will not be UL certified. Generally speaking only lamps made by manufacturers that can be sold by the thousands and tens-of-thousands of units can justify the cost of certification.
There are many choices when it comes to the cost and quality of parts that go into a lighting fixture. Our lamp sockets are brass, we use a heavy duty harp and saddle to secure the shade to the lamp. In other words, we choose our lamp parts based not on how cheap we can get each of them, but on how they will look and perform now and in the future.  All wood bases and mini snowshoes are US made and all our lighting is crafted in our Minnesota shop. 
We truly think of each of our lighting fixtures as a unique work of art. Here's hoping you agree!