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We choose to sell a number of different bindings, each with some advantages and disadvantages.  There is no one 'correct' binding for every person or situation.  Your decision should be based on how you intend to use your snowshoes and personal preference.  All the bindings we sell will fit any style of our shoes or most if not all traditional snowshoes.

Flexy Rubber Bindings (S, XL)
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105 - Flexy Rubber Bindings (S, XL)

Handily stretch to fit almost any type and size boot. Great for growing feet, & multiple snowshoe users, very easy in and out! this is the binding that comes standard with our children's snowshoes. Less lateral control than H's. Choose Small (children's and small women's boots), Large (to men's boot 10) or XLarge (up to men's 13).

105 Flexy Rubber Bindings (S, XL) (Out of Stock) $32.95 Add To Favorites
Flexy Size