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Ojibwa Snowshoes
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OJS - Ojibwa Snowshoes

Of all the many shapes we could make, we feature and recommend the Ojibwa, with its pointed tail, highly efficient pointed toe and ''nesting'' shape. This beautiful design comes down to us from thousands of years of challenge and survival. It is strongly preferred by Canadian and US snowshoers and winter guides as the top design for beginners to start on, best for general day trips and for serious expeditions. On Ojibwas you can be an expert in 20 minutes, without lessons, prior experience or special gear. determine proper fit, click on the ''Snowshoe Sizing'' Comes with choice of binding.

We are sold out, please call 612-861-2262 or email info@snowshoe.com to pre-order for next winters adventures!

Ojibwa Snowshoes
Country Ways H Style Binding
OJS Ojibwa Snowshoes (Out of Stock) $329.00
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