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Alaskan Kits
Much like a large Ojibwa in general shape and function, the Alaskan's upturned toe, large surface area and sleek profile excel at covering open trail distances through any depth of snow. Excellent snowshoe for large people, for carrying large packs and for those looking for a different snowshoe style to make and try out.

Alaskan Kit Large 10 x 56
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350 - Alaskan Kit Large 10 x 56

Click on  Snowshoe Sizing. All Adult snowshoe kits to help determine the correct fit for you. come with choice of binding.   Choose either the Country Ways Modified 'H' Style, the Super 'A'   

Alaskan Kit Large 10 x 56
350 Alaskan Kit Large 10 x 56 $185.00 Add To Favorites
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