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This page will provide links to other interesting places on the Web that relate to snowshoeing, winter, the outdoors and environmental education. If you would like to be listed here please E-mail your address to me and I will take a look.
Nature Centers, Environmental Education, Parks
· The Wilderness Classroom
The goals of The Wilderness Classroom Organization are to demonstrate the benefits of technology in education, appreciate wilderness by stressing environmental conservation, and to teach historical and cultural tolerance through recognizing diversity.  The Wilderness Classroom Organization strives to bring wilderness education and appreciation to adults, students, and teachers. school visits and other personal appearances (slideshows, lectures, presentations,teacher training) supplement the information gathered and posted on The Wilderness Classroom web site during our on-line learning adventures.
· National Parks
A guide to all the National Parks in the US.


a residential natural resources education and conference facility located between Rhinelander and Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Owned and operated by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, College of Natural Resources. Treehaven rests on a glacial ridge overlooking 1,400 acres of forest and wetlands.
Outdoor Commercial

Shadagee snowshoe repair in Maine 
Specializing in rawhide relacing of your favorite snowshoes.  From touch up work to total relacing. Tubular nylon relacing also available.