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Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information

To qualify for the wholesale prices you need to be some type of organization that "resells" to the public and can buy in quantity. Call us, toll free, 1-800-216-0710 or email: info@snowshoe.com  we will send you our wholesale pricing.

A revenue-creating idea for your outdoor center or store:

Purchase Snowshoe and Snowshoe Furniture Kits at our WHOLESALE PRICES, then resell them in your center, store or catalog at whatever price you wish. The revenue generated is yours!

Draw new clientele to your center or store with YEAR 'ROUND CLASSES in "Snowshoe and Snowshoe Furniture making - and charge something extra for" both the kits and classes. The revenue and clientele generated are yours!

Have volunteers complete extra kits to use in your outdoor classes, snowshoe rental program or for sale finished in your store or catalog. Trade a free kit for them for so many completed kits for you. The revenue generated is yours!

While "classes" in kit making aren't at all necessary (the kit directions are really good), most people just feel better working in a group where an instructor can help if needed. It's an unusual way to bring people to your facility (they like that), you'll bring in lots of new faces that might not otherwise have come, and most become committed to you and your programs in the process. They will keep coming back for new kits and new programs, and kit makers tend to become your best volunteers! Everybody wins.

Anyone on your staff can instruct classes well as soon as they've finished their own first kit. All snowshoe and furniture making and lacing are basically the same, so your staff snowshoe maker can be quite efficient advising a rocker maker. Classes can be specific: Snowshoe Making - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 7:30. Or, you can have a continuous class: Snowshoe and Furniture Making every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:30 - come as often as you wish. With several kits being laced at once, you can offer a varnish dipping program (we'll teach you an, easy way to do this) for an additional fee.

Centers and stores find that kit making classes work well year 'round. The Snowshoe Furniture is good to make anytime. Snowshoes are best made early on - in summer and early fall - so varnish is really hard by December. Murphy's laws being primary, most snowshoe classes run in October through February - anticipation and immediacy are everything! Youth camps, family camp programs, retreats and Elder hostel programs offer kit making 12 months of the year. Both snowshoes and snowshoe furniture are very often given to someone special as gifts from the heart, so classes to build them work well throughout the year (birthdays, anniversaries) and approaching holidays.